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About Us

Oak Row Custom Trim is the premiere custom trim and moulding provider in Georgia. Oak Row Custom Trim serves the Greater Atlanta area and beyond.  Owners are builders with exceptional quality standards and a true understanding of the business.  The mill is in Statham, Georgia and our service team located throughout the Atlanta area.

Oak Row Custom Trim operates Weinig 6 head and Weining 5 head moulding machines when producing trim and has the capabilities to create true elliptical and radius profiles.  The custom knives used for the profiles are cut and polished to CAD specifications using a CNC machine.  A library of over 900 knives exists from which customers can choose. 


Our mill has the capability to run over 16,000 linear feet per day and our customers have access to various species of lumber ranging from Poplar to Mahogany and more.  Oak Row Custom Trim also has true elliptical and radius capabilities as well as the ability to create custom lengths to meet project specifications. 

Oak Row Custom Trim's mission is to work with customers to minimize waste and fulfill project specifications.  Providing complimentary takeoffs, phased deliveries and quick turn around times are just a few of the services offered to enhance the experience of our customers.

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